Tuesday, September 22, 2009


for 49 minutes and 54 seconds
you talked about you
you are a child in your way
too old and too educated for the title
as a man of substance and power
but a boy-child at heart
I hope you grow into yourself
since selfish children annoy

© 22 September 2009
Cynthia Ryder

Thursday, September 17, 2009


fall frosted leaves
red golden glowing
through window panes
whispering with ice
fronds and feathers
in polite crystal forms
tracing the season end
of summer heat
the impending arrival
of another visitor
who often overstays
his wintry welcome

© 17 September 2009
Cynthia Ryder

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


last night i needed you
but you were silent beyond words
the illness that you carry
creates confusion from nothing
the covering that you use
to conceal the pain is fixed
near permanently to your face
i can not penetrate it
it holds me out and back
as you hold back your love
refusing warm comfort
i withdraw protecting myself
from your quiet dis-ease

© 15 September 2009
Cynthia Ryder

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

you are let go

I have let you go with love
released the chains
and loosed the binds
that held you in my mind
I have let you flow through
my thoughts and body for years
let you down through my toes
the feelings that were you
are falling to the ground
being absorbed by the earth
a larger body than we
to hold and cradle you
in her protective caress
drop into her
let her wrap you in sweet light
bathe you in her energy
and cleanse you in her sight
I have let you go
in love and forgiveness
I have let you go
in my hunt for healing
I have let you go
may you find your own way
boundless and free to choose
if you want to come back

© 8 September 2009
Cynthia Ryder

Thursday, September 3, 2009


touch yourself there
where I once touched you
to hold the sensation
emotion in your fingers
linger in the moment
the movement of breathing
cling to me sense me
receive energy and know
the flow of love from then
believe I will be there again

© 3 September 2009
Cynthia Ryder