Thursday, April 29, 2010


Commanded to be without words
you growl and moan earthy sounds
stemming from somewhere deep inside
hidden in daily domesticity
until surrender to your wild side
brings them out in you
and you crawl and claw
your way to the jungle
your catlike litheness
accompanies the silent human form
and you shape-shift to your feline self
when complete you purr in my arms
having given in to the command
the pain, pleasure and silence

© 28 April 2010
Cynthia Ryder

Friday, April 23, 2010


What you have given to me
is a boundless love to be free
Through your desire and need to serve
If you had asked last if I had the nerve
to accept you just a year ago
I know I would have said no

Fluid time and motion
changed my mind
and changed my world

What was so small is now grown
taken on a life of your own
I am moving and I dance with you
Any chance with you I have said yes to
with music and words you move into me
as part of your efforts to please me

© 20 April 2010
Cynthia Ryder