Sunday, January 31, 2010


I want to wake up holding you
in more than just my mind
to feel you in real space
in a place more then just my heart
I need to breathe with you
more than just in spirit form
I crave it all in real time
to answer my questions of why
I am drawn to you into you
as the moon body to mother earth
your touch is tattooed on my skin
you voice is signing in my ears
I am pulled to you so hard
my will to resist is crushed
I am fully consumed in passion
by my desire to embrace you
entirely for a moment
forever eternally
but internally I am struck
by the impossibility of wishing
that it were possible once
to be swallowed wholly
and be taken in by you
by the gravity
of the time
of my mind

© 31 January 2010
Cynthia Ryder

Friday, January 8, 2010

creating us

I feel you
you are deftly
touching inside my skin
deeper than anyone else
has ever been
you are touching my mind
when you touch my body
and follow the lines
of the energy
that snakes through flesh
we follow the feeling
by smoothing muscle
and soothing memory
creating what was anew
creating from eons past
creating us from dust
when we breath it in

© 8 January 2010
Cynthia Ryder

Sunday, January 3, 2010

old photographs

I am hearing stories
being softly spoken
in photographic sequence
showing off the wounds
freshly on your face
mirrored in your eyes
there is a depth of pain
in old photographs
where a new one is still
still shows the shadows
of your doubts and needs
overlooking the healing
I am the voyeur
seeing what you want
I toy with withholding
but the voices are loud
telling me to touch you
to give in and let you give
through this you will live

© 3 January 2010
Cynthia Ryder