Monday, November 30, 2009


breathing life through
and into each other
under your hands
uncoiling, rising,
It directs me
forcing my tongue
into your mouth
biting at your lips
I pull you in
pull in your energy
your love heats me
burns my spirit
searing the memory
of desire on my heart,
where today is so open
my hands fell into my body
sinking below my breasts
past my ribs to rest
inside my beating heart.

© 30 November 2009
Cynthia Ryder

Friday, November 27, 2009


golden glowing snaking
it is rushing my body
I am heated
it is rising
I am nothing
doing nothing
but reading your words
spasm of virtual joy
I am reduced
to a single moment
in your mind
I am beyond words
I am voiceless
glowing golden
lit by your soul

© 27 November 2009
Cynthia Ryder

Monday, November 23, 2009


my lover friend
I hold your head to my breast
caress the curls
pull your hair from your face
force me to gaze
into your blue eyes and see
myself swallowed
deeper than if I were diving
from lava formed
green cliffs above a loving sea

© 23 November 2009
Cynthia Ryder

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am conscious of the act
of erotic submission
soul gazing searching
a finger on the lips
slowly being tasted
sucked and slid
inside the mouth
sweet wetness
as conscious this morning
of the need to drum
outside in the crisp cool
with woodsmoke
hanging low over the house
scents of cedar and maple
conscious of clustering finches
migrating and singing
unaffected by my movement
by the drum beats
the heart beats
I seek the next sound
the next moment
I am conscious

© 5 November 2009
Cynthia Ryder