Sunday, January 31, 2010


I want to wake up holding you
in more than just my mind
to feel you in real space
in a place more then just my heart
I need to breathe with you
more than just in spirit form
I crave it all in real time
to answer my questions of why
I am drawn to you into you
as the moon body to mother earth
your touch is tattooed on my skin
you voice is signing in my ears
I am pulled to you so hard
my will to resist is crushed
I am fully consumed in passion
by my desire to embrace you
entirely for a moment
forever eternally
but internally I am struck
by the impossibility of wishing
that it were possible once
to be swallowed wholly
and be taken in by you
by the gravity
of the time
of my mind

© 31 January 2010
Cynthia Ryder

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